Vestel Freeview HD Recorder
Vestel PVR Unofficial Information (UK)
28 Aug 2016 T7655 v1.22.1 software over-air-download
6 Oct 2015 T835 boxes crashing and rebooting
31 Aug 2015 Freeview HD encoder update fixes audio problem
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Freeview HD:  T7655 T7650 T7300 Freeview:  T836 T835 T845R T825 T816 T810 Saorview:  T7660 Top Up TV:  T845
OAD Software Updates:No over-air software downloads for Vestel PVRs currently scheduled over the next 7 days (updated hourly)DTG
Vestel T845 Top Up TV
Top Up TV Vestel T845 based PVRs mark a departure from the software that evolved on the T810, T816 and T825 models. They first appeared in July 2008 and being Top Up TV+ recorders, they use the Top Up TV software / interface (same as used on Thomson Top Up TV boxes) which is completely different to all previous Vestel models. The hardware is apparently pretty similar to the T825, although the T845 uses a SATA HDD compared to the IDE drives that older models used.
Available Models
  • Bush TU160DTR, TU250DTR, TU320DTR & TU500DTR (Argos)
  • Digihome DG250DTRA08 (Tesco)
  • Digihome TUTVDTR250GB
  • Ferguson F10250PVR & F10500PVR (Comet)
  • Finlux PVR1050
  • Luxor TUTV2500 (Comet)
  • Sharp TUTV162H, TUTV252H & TUTV322H
  • Techwood 1020 (Morrisons)
  • Wharfedale Top Up TV Digital TV Recorder 160, 250, 320 & 500Gb (Argos)

Known Software Builds
VersionDateRelease TypeNotes
4.34 -2010-12-?? ??:??:??OAD / RS232

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