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20 Aug 2019 T7655 v1.29.0 software update (Part 3)
9 Aug 2019 End of the line at Argos?
2 Jul 2019 T7655 v1.29.0 software update (Part 2)
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Vestel T810 Freeview Recorder
Vestel T810 based PVRs first began appearing in Summer 2006, and were a cheap dual tuner PVR, but only able to record one channel at a time (and you couldn't timeshift live tv while a recording was in progress). The Vestel T810 PVRs were phased out around August 2007.

There were no noticable differences functionality-wise between v3.5 through v5.7 software versions - the newer software versions offer improved stability. All versions suffer from EPG population/retention problems (EPG is usually not fully populated to the full 8-days) and the infamous black line bug (bottom portion of picture is missing / cropped off, which may or not be visible depending on your TV's overscan settings).

Around Christmas 2006 somebody uploaded an unofficial software build (v1.0) that had twin record capability, much like the newer T816. However, although it mostly works fine, due to the T810's lack of DRAM (32Mb) there are problems with EPG population and non-working MHEG / interactivity. More importantly, this software version shares the same issue as earlier versions of the standard software in that it will not work in some areas after digital switchover (on transmitters that are using 8K mode with negative UHF offsets). So, v5.7 must be used instead.

"Disappearing" channels? - Find out how to avoid the problem
of channels disappearing from your channel list
Available Models
  • Digihome DTR0207 (Tesco)
  • Digihome PVR80 and PVR160 (Argos)
  • Dual DPVR80 and DPVR160 (Asda)
  • Durabrand DPVR801 (Asda)
  • Evesham PVR160
  • Goodmans GHD8015F2
  • Grundig GUSTB80IV and GUSTB160IV
  • Hitachi HDR080 and HDR160 (Argos)
  • Linsar LPVR160
  • Maplin PVR80
  • Proline PDFV70
  • Sharp TUR-160H
  • Techwood PVR80 and PVR160 (Tesco)

Known Software Builds
VersionBuild dateRelease TypeFeature Differences
Skip buttonsNotes
1.22006-07-17 16:42:44Factory60 secondsPossibly unique to Goodmans branded units, with some functional differences compared to all other brands (e.g. 1 minute skip buttons, unlike the more common 30 second
3.52006-??-?? ??:??:??Factory30 seconds
3.92006-??-?? ??:??:??Factory30 seconds
4.42006-08-23 15:28:09Factory / OAD30 seconds
4.9 -2006-??-?? ??:??:??Factory / OAD / RS23230 seconds
5.3 -2006-09-19 ??:??:??Factory / OAD / RS23230 seconds
5.6 -2007-06-08 ??:??:??RS23230 seconds
5.7 -2008-11-18 15:18:58OAD / RS23230 secondsFixed support for negative UHF offsets used with 8K COFDM mode (previous versions may fail to pickup channels on multiplexes switched to this mode after digital switchover)
3.72008-11-19 13:24:51OAD60 secondsFixed 8K COFDM mode with negative UHF offsets for Goodmans GHD8015F2

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