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20 Aug 2019 T7655 v1.29.0 software update (Part 3)
9 Aug 2019 End of the line at Argos?
2 Jul 2019 T7655 v1.29.0 software update (Part 2)
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Vestel T825 Freeview+
Freeview+ Vestel T825 based PVRs first surfaced in December 2007 in limited quantities under the guise of the Wharfedale DTR160 HDMI and DTR250 HDMI units from Argos. The T825 offered Freeview Playback Group 2 (now known as Freeview+) compliant software, and hardware is an evolution of the T816 hardware bringing new configuration options such as HDMI, CI slot, low power and USB.

In late January 2008, non-HDMI T825 units were made available, with the T816 model being phased out. Production of T825 models was discontinued in October 2009, superceded by the T845R model.

Jumping/stuttering problems after Digital Switchover in your area?
V13.0 software fix was broadcast throughout June & July 2010
Available Models
  • Akura AVPVR1010
  • Alba ALDTR160 (Argos)
  • Digihome DTR80 and DTR160 (Argos)
  • Durabrand DPVR801 (Asda)
  • Goodmans GHD8020F2
  • Hitachi HDR082, HDR162, HDR163 & HDR253 (Argos)
  • Logik LPVR88 & LPVR168 (Currys/Dixons)
  • Luxor LUX1040B
  • ONN DTR80 and DTR160 (Asda)
  • Sharp TU-R162H & TU-R252H
  • Technika AEDTR80S7 & AEDTR160S7 (Tesco)
  • Techwood AEDTR80S7 & AEDTR160S7 (Tesco)
  • Wharfedale DTR160 HDMI & DTR250 HDMI (Argos)
  • Wharfedale LP160DTR & LP250DTR (Argos)
  • Wharfedale LP160DTRHDMI & LP250DTRHDMI (Argos)

Known Software Builds
VersionBuild dateRelease TypeNotes
1.72007-??-?? ??:??:??FactoryWharfedale DTR160 HDMI and DTR250 HDMI only
2.7 -2007-??-?? ??:??:??Factory / RS232For non-HDMI Alba, Digihome, Durabrand, ONN and Technika models
2.82007-11-13 18:12:13FactoryHitachi HDR082/162
4.82008-01-29 ??:??:??FactoryWharfedale LP160DTRHDMI & LP250DTRHDMI
4.9 -????-??-?? ??:??:??RS232Wharfedale LP160DTR & LP250DTR (no HDMI)
7.22008-03-20 ??:??:??FactorySharp TU-R162H & TU-R252H
10.2 -2008-06-11 ??:??:??RS232Not factory installed, but targetted at non-HDMI Alba, Digihome, Durabrand, ONN and Technika models
10.22008-09-03 06:42:18FactoryLogik LPVR168
10.22008-??-?? ??:??:??FactoryAlba ALDTR160
10.8 -2008-??-?? ??:??:??RS232Wharfedale LP160DTRHDMI & LP250DTRHDMI
11.22008-07-30 ??:??:??FactorySharp TU-R162H & TU-R252H
11.32008-07-28 ??:??:??FactoryHitachi HDR163/253
12.32009-05-15 ??:??:??FactoryHitachi HDR163/253
12.42009-06-22 12:57:21FactoryHitachi HDR163/253
12.82010-02-?? ??:??:??Factory / RS232Initial fix for the infamous DSO stuttering problems
13.02010-06-?? ??:??:??OAD / RS232Widespread fix for the infamous DSO stuttering problems, plus removed functionality related to Gemstar patents. There are seperate versions for each model, available below, but be sure to use the correct file for your model. The files below originate from the OAD broadcasts (thanks to Peter Clare for saving these) and then modified slightly so that they can be uploaded via RS232 using the usual method:
- Alba, Digihome, Durabrand, ONN, Technika & Techwood models (Vestel UK)
- Hitachi HDR082 & HDR162
- Hitachi HDR163 & HDR253
- Goodmans GHD8020F2
- Logik LPVR88 & LPVR168
- Sharp TU-R162H
- Sharp TU-R252H
- Wharfedale DTR160 HDMI & DTR250 HDMI
- Wharfedale LP160DTRHDMI & LP250DTRHDMI
- Wharfedale LP160DTR & LP250DTR
13.3 -2010-10-?? ??:??:??OAD / RS232Sharp TU-R252H only
Broadcast for Sharp models only in January 2011 (no files available for other models)

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