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20 Aug 2019 T7655 v1.29.0 software update (Part 3)
9 Aug 2019 End of the line at Argos?
2 Jul 2019 T7655 v1.29.0 software update (Part 2)
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Vestel T816 Freeview Playback
Freeview Playback Vestel T816 based PVRs first went on sale in July 2007 after being in development since at least January 2007. The T816 is a minor evolution of the T810 hardware, with double the amount of DRAM (64Mb) whilst sharing the same outer casing as the previous T810 model. The software was upgraded with Freeview Playback Group 1 compliancy on almost all models.

Sharp shipped a model that had fundamentally different software, which was known as Freeview Playback Group 2 back then. This software was never shipped with any other models and was never made available via OAD, probably for a good reason... Despite the advantages of the new features that the V6.x software had, these were somewhat outweighed by how sluggish and less stable it had become. Eventually, I did manage to persuade Vestel to provide me with the V6.8 software so that people could at least try it if they wished.

"Disappearing" channels? - Find out how to avoid the problem
of channels disappearing from your channel list
Available Models
  • Digihome DTR0207 (Tesco)
  • Digihome DTR80 (Argos)
  • Durabrand DPVR801 (Asda)
  • Evesham DTR160 and DTR250
  • Goodmans GHD8020F2
  • Grundig GUSTB250IV
  • Hitachi HDR081 and HDR161 (Argos)
  • ONN PVR80 and PVR160 (Asda)
  • Sharp TU-R160HA
  • Technika 160Gb DVR (Tesco)
  • Wharfedale DTR160 and DTR250 (Argos)

Known Software Builds
VersionBuild dateRelease TypeFeature Differences
Skip buttonsAccurate RecordingSeries LinkNotes
1.92007-01-?? ??:??:??Development30 & 60 secondsNoNo
2.42007-??-?? ??:??:??Factory120 secondsYesNoThis was the initial build shipped with most T816 units when they first hit retail
3.02007-03-23 14:59:21Development30 & 120 secondsNoNo
3.32007-04-09 08:10:24Development30 & 120 secondsNoNo
3.42007-04-19 17:14:15Factory / RS232120 secondsNoNoWas shipped with early batches of Hitachi HDR081 and HDR161
3.7 -2007-05-12 17:53:13Factory / RS232120 secondsYesNoThe last batches of most brands of T816 units were shipped with this version
3.7 -2007-06-21 09:51:42Factory / RS232120 secondsYesNoSupplied with Evesham units. Has some annoying little quirks, such as pressing OK to change to the current EPG channel doesn't work and trying to use the EPG during playback returns you to the library after closing the EPG, whilst not remembering the resume point in the recording.
3.72007-07-04 14:22:30Factory120 secondsYesNoSupplied with Hitachi units
4.7 -2007-07-13 07:21:55RS232120 secondsYesNoThe target of this build is unknown, but contains some very annoying quirks. You cannot press info twice to get information on the current programme; the EPG always lists every channel (ignoring favourites and TV only settings) and the EPG is extremely slow and unresponsive compared to previous versions. It also tends to freeze/crash more often.
4.72007-??-?? ??:??:??Factory120 seconds?YesNoShipped with Grundig units. Archive feature not present and pressing the OK button to start playback displayed a banner for about 5s before playback started.
6.72007-??-?? ??:??:??Factory120 seconds?YesYesFreeview Playback Group 2 supplied on the Sharp TU-R160HA
6.8 -2007-11-29 13:48:12RS23230 & 120 secondsYesYesFreeview Playback Group 2

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